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Welcome!’s the thing. I have been looking at a number of CRM blogs over the last 3 or 4 years and to be honest my IE favourites list has now amounted to a incomprehensible amount of ‘How to’s’, tips, tricks, updates, supported¬†JavaScript, unsupported¬†JavaScript, 3rd party components and integrations spanning CRM v3, v4 ¬†and v2011 and all number of supporting technologies.

I was sat a few days ago, wading through some articles describing restricted access mode in CRM v3 located alongside the setup of ADFS 2.0 for CRM v2011 and the pitfalls of setting up SRSS in SharePoint integrated mode and i thought…there must be an easier way.

So here’s my ‘easier’ way.

This blog will be a collation of exciting product news, videos, reposted articles and my own thoughts, musings and experience in the CRM domain as a Senior CRM Consultant at Concentrix Limited.

I hope you enjoy it and maybe even find some of my posts useful!